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This is my first impression review of “The Last Call” by Elon Green, a nonfiction true crime novel. The cover immediately grabbed my attention due to the description - I am a sucker for the true crime murder genre and I felt immediately that this one appeared interesting and unique given that it is specifically based among the queer community. I have never read or heard of a serial killer only seeking out queer individuals. As much as I find this horrific, I am very interested in learning about this story. I hope that this novel sheds light on the lack of visibility and efforts protecting the queer community. My first impression is that the novel will not only focus on the serial killer themself, but I feel like I would also learn more about the queer community in New York and their struggles during this time period.

After further review, I noted that the author has spent 3 years investigating this subject and a review was also given by another popular and established author. For all of these reasons, I am intrigued and plan on adding this book to my ever growing TBR list for 2022!