Gripping and Infuriating

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I love true crime but I knew almost nothing about the Last Call killer. These murders did not receive nearly enough attention due to the fact that the victims were gay men in the 80s/90s. Hearing what was allowed to go on at this time was shocking and a little sickening. Last Call is about the hunt for the killer, but mostly about the victims themselves and the lives they led. The author does an excellent job showing the reader what life was like in New York at the time - the fear of AIDS, homophobia, and the hate crimes that police most often overlooked. I commend him for bringing these victims to light and giving them a voice when their cases were treated so badly at the time of the murders. There was a surprising amount of information packed into this relatively short true crime book, and it is a gripping yet infuriating story. Thank you so much to Celadon Books for my gifted copy of Last call!