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Like the title , this book was nothing like what I was expecting . I think the first part is very interesting and it will pull you in - but slowly . When reading the first look I personally usually read only the first handful of pages ; or the first chapter depending on how long they are . When reading this book I think we do not get to see much of the author at all . This is a straight forward factual book . It was like reading a really long essay for college - it did not whatsoever hold my interest as I thought it would . Having a family member with this disease - and growing up around it , I truly thought I would fall head first into this book about this murderer . I think you really have to be one to love a really fact heavy book . It does little to transport you any place, does a bad job at conveying or getting you to show any emotion for the people who fell victim . While it did teach me some things I would not know otherwise , it still really fell flat for me