Distracting Timeline

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When I read the first look and synopsis, I was so excited to be sent a copy from the publisher. It has scandal, murders, New York, and the gay lifestyle during the 80's.

It had a really strong start with the graphic description of how the first body was found. When the book was focused on the different murders, it was very detailed, organized, and had a purpose of discussing that murder and then the ties to the other cases. However, when the book was trying to dig more into the individuals and New York, at the time, the structure seemed to start disintegrating. It did not feel very smooth and ideas did not necessarily connect very well for me. It felt kind of forced and then I got lost very easily.

The general path of the plotline seemed to be ---------////---//-----/-----////------ as if there were multiple directions the author was trying to take the story at a single time. I loved how they brought in the actual people involved in the cases and the lives of the different victims. It was very honest and brutal, without making every single person stand out as a hero and upstanding citizen at all time. I really appreciated the honesty of the facts and details.