Amazing Untold True Crime

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This is Celadon Books’ first true crime and they certainly entered the game with a bang. Elon Green is a great story teller and clearly had done thorough research on a difficult subject. I was heartbroken to read the harsh truth that these crimes fell in a time where violence against gay men was not investigated or prosecuted to the extent it deserved. I liked that in addition to the gripping story of Richard Rogers (The Last Call Killer) there was general background on the atmosphere for gay men in the 1980’s and 1990’s. While I am intellectually aware of the injustices of the AIDS pandemic it still shocks me to read things like hospitals would not treat men with AIDS. I struggle with understanding how I had not heard of this serial killer prior to this book and I hope the victims’ families find some comfort in knowing that their stories are finally being told. I also hope Elon Green continues to write true crime as I would love to read more from him.