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I am completely engrossed in this book.

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As someone who has had a lifelong interest in true-crime, I was immediately interested in this book just from the title/subtitle.

Imagine my shock when I start reading it and the book opens in Lancaster County, PA, where I reside. I cannot imagine the shock and fear of finding a body in a trash can at a turnpike rest stop - a rest stop where I have no doubt been to at some point in my life.

I found the glimpse into Peter's life to be interesting and like that the author included so much background, as opposed to just what was going on in the days leading up to his death. It's also interesting to learn more about the queer scene in Philadelphia.

While I do remember hearing about the AIDS crises in the news a whole lot in the early 90's, I was still just a child and wouldn't have understood or grasped what exactly was going on. So it's interesting to be reminded of the AIDS crises and the way people thought and spoke about it at a time when we were all still so ignorant about it.

It's also sad to read about how queer men like Peter felt that they had to keep their sexuality a secret - at college, at home, at work, among friends, etc. I'm glad that Peter at least found a scene in which he felt accepted, but saddened that he didn't feel free to be himself outside of that scene. I know that was reality for a lot of people (and for some people, it still is), but reading about it in detail is reminding how much different it was 30 years ago, compared to today. While we still have a ton of work in terms of accepting all people, it's easy to forget how much worse it was just a few decades ago.

The first look closes with another body being found in a similar manner, but this time in New Jersey. It appears that the same killer has struck again, and I am so eager to find out where this engrossing non-fiction story leads and if the killer is ever brought to justice.