More global fiction anthologies!

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Super well executed and confident! It's a classic anthology, so none of the stories intersect at all, but still, I found it extremely engaging. My favorites were probably Lulu, New Fruit and Gubeiko Spirit. The final one, Gubeiko, gave me major The Twilight Zone vibes. Apparently, Te-Ping Chen began as a journalist before writing fiction and it shows. Really observant. Excited to read more from her. I will say that I'm Chinese American myself and that I don't read a ton of international perspective literature, but there's got to be a ton out there. Land of Big Numbers is a great place to start. I worry that perhaps it will be decoded oppositionally in a way that would further alienate us East Asian people from other Americans, but I have to hope that people have enough reading comprehension to take it as intended. Would make a great miniseries!