Left me wanting more

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I should have read the book description better because I had no idea that this was a collection of stories instead of a novel. I loved the first story and thought that I would be reading more about the twins and the different directions they chose to go to in life. Short story collections are out of my norm but I was happy to give it try and find out more. I really liked the quick pace and the way this book is written. Te-Ping Chen's descriptions are lovely and leave you wanting more out of each story.

There are so many diverse stories but each with their own feelings and characters. I was saddened by "New Fruit" but also most moved by that one as well. Land of Big Numbers is a glimpse into China and all it's various facets.

Gubeikou Spirit may be my most favorite of the stories. It is all so allegorical and emotionally compelling. I would love to see a novel written on just one single story from Land of Big Numbers.