You should be out by the orchard, where violets secretly darken the earth.

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If you have loved The Kingdom of the Wicked, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, or A Curse so Dark and Lonely, this one is for you.

Violeta Graceling and her brother, Arien, were found in the woods, orphaned after the horrific deaths of their parents. Raised by a once-soft-now-cruel woman, Violeta and Arien must hide a dark secret that threatens the lives of not just them but everyone else. But when their secret is discovered on the night of the tithe by the monstrous and dark Lord Rowan Sylvanan, the siblings are brought away to his haunted manor, Lakesedge. Not all is what it seems, though, and the secrets that Violeta and Rowan are harboring could be enough to drown them all.

A beautifully written Gothic Fantasy that was the perfect transition into the spooky season. The tension between the main characters as they worked together to overcome the blight that threatens to destroy them all was so well executed. The stakes felt real and the atmosphere bleak with real, calculated risks. Despite who is originally posed as the "villain" of the story, I felt myself drawn even more to the real dark character.