still not sure how to feel about it.

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Honestly, I didn't like this book as much as I anticipated I would and I'm sad about it. I heard so many good things about it prior to getting a chance to read it myself, so I did have some higher expectations going in. I felt really let down. I liked the beginning of the book and really liked Leta at first, but as the book went on her decision making began to irritate me to no end. I felt it just turned me off because how am I meant to enjoy a work where I don't enjoy the main character you know? I adored Rowan, he was super cool and his tragic backstory and reasoning behind his actions was just wow. I loved the setting as well, something about a manor on a lake that's surrounded by woods and has an eerie/magical feeling just hits every time. Overall I wish I'd enjoyed it more, there were aspect of it as a whole that I enjoyed so much but than other things I didn't like, hence the 3 star rating.