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Look, sometimes you’re just in the mood for the misunderstood oh-no-he’s-hot romance in a creepy mansion while trying to protect the Smol Child because the lord of death cometh. From the beginning, I was rooting for Violeta to get her brother Out Of There and discover her own strength. This is a story that does a lot with a small cast, a creepy lurking danger, and an ending that stands well on its own but also perfectly teases the sequel (that's coming out soon! Yay!) (OwlCrate Special Editions, double yay!). This gothic YA fantasy is full of Cruel Beauty and ACOTAR vibes, with an eerie mansion, that one guy who's "just misunderstood, definitely", self-sacrificing dorks who need to communicate, and a final chapter that begs for more. A little silly sometimes, but a fun read all around. Reminds me a bit of A Treason of Thorns too, another gothic YA kind of flying under the radar.