Dark and gothic with Hades and Persephone vibes

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When Lord Sylvanan stumbles upon Violeta and Arien while Arien’s shadow magic manifests, he whisks them away to his estate. The Lord has hopes that the boys shadows will aide him in removing a curse on his lands.

This story is full of dark, blood magic and spells. Secret bargains made with the Lord Under only adds to the difficulties our eclectic cast of characters must face. Of course there’s a bit of romance too. The entire book is very eerie and atmospheric. It also has some major Hades and Persephone vibes going on too.

I should also mention that the cover art for Lakesedge is absolutely gorgeous and completely captures the feel of the book.

I devoured this book in a day and cannot wait to read book 2, Forrestfall. Be warned, Lakesedge ends on a major cliffhanger! I’ll be getting my copy as soon as possible because I need to know what happens next!