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I ended up listening to the audiobook of Kiss and Tell and I very much enjoyed it. The story is very heartfelt and engaging, and I think listening to it gave an even deeper feeling to it.
There's a lot Hunter has to deal with in this story and I really liked being alongside him as he navigated through it all- a very public breakup with the added heartache of leaked texts, reconciling the Hunter the label wants him to be with wanting to be his true self, all while dealing with new found feelings for another band member.

While I'm usually all about the romance, that was the weakest part of the story for me, and I almost think it could have done without it. Maybe if the story had been told in dual point of view I would have been more invested in the relationship between Hunter and Kevan, but as it was, I much preferred seeing Hunter's journey and how he handled everything that was thrown at him.

I definitely recommend listening to the audiobook. The in between scenes- the interviews, articles, social media posts, etc., were fun to listen to and brought just a little something extra to the story.