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This is the second YA queer boy band book that I have read in the last year and I was very worried that it would be just like If This Gets Out by Sophie Gonzales and Cale Dietrich. In many ways it was very similar with the overarching theme of a queer boy band member.

However this book tells the story of Hunter Drake, who is an openly gay band member fresh off the break up with his bandmate's twin brother and one of his best friends. Hunter is trying to figure out how to be queer in the public eye while using his platform for the good of the LGBTQ community. After some salacious texts are leaked from Aiden, Hunter's ex, Hunter finds himself in the middle of a PR nightmare and being a gay teen boy. Kaivan is in the opening act for Kiss & Tell, Hunter's boy band and the two become very close and start a relationship. How can Hunter and Kaivan live in the public eye when they are gay and are expected to act a certain way?

This book addresses so many different stereotypes and issues that society places on different people depending on race, sexual orientation, gender, class, etc. It definitely goes a little deeper than a typical YA novel and is a more mature novel in its accuracy and sexual depictions. Still a great read to deal with society's perceptions and issues surrounding those outside the 'norm.'