Queer YA boyband novel that you should def check out!

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What happens when you receive an advance copy of your anticipated 2022 release? Well, I finished it in one sitting last night (a win for me because I can't remember the last time when I finished a book in one go)

And yes, Kiss and Tell by Adib Khorram did not disappoint. (Disclaimer: this is not related to Darius and the characters in the book; please check last part of this review to know the reps, comps, and trigger warnings)

One thing I really hate about reading a good book is writing a decent review that will give justice to what I experienced.

Imagine this, a group of five teenagers from Canada suddenly went famous after their self-produced music video became an internet sensation. This led to the group (Kiss and Tell) receiving offers from labels (they signed up with one called The Label) and touring the 50 states of America!

But what if one of the members is openly gay and is proud in showing his colors to the world? This is what Kiss and Tell is in a gist.

If you think that the book will be full of homophobia right off the bat, then you're wrong. The first part of the book highlighted Hunter Drake's struggle after his public relationship with Aidan Knight (twin brother of his band mate Ashton) ended and how celebrities deal with so many opinion from the public which, most of the time, borders on bullying and harassment. Take note that Hunter is a gay teen so imagine all the hate he gets from social media all the time.

The other half focused on how the above factors affected Hunter's relationship with his bandmates and friends - and how people are so quick to jump on one revelation as long as it does not involve them. I want to elaborate that this book also discussed microaggressions against queer people and how white queers still have more privilege than queer POCs.

Also, Kiss and Tell includes Hunter Drake's romance as one of its key subplots since events are set after things went down with his ex-boyfriend. (Hint: prepare for swoons because an Iranian-American drummer will be present in the pages)

I want to write more about this book but I guess it's better to encourage you to preorder this book before it goes out March 2022.

Thank you Penguin Teen for sending an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Filipino mutuals, watch out for this book in Travelling Book Club!

What's in this book: Iranian-American rep, Gay rep, Asian rep (Indian, Vietnamese)

I highly recommend if you enjoy: It Goes Like This, If This Goes Out, or if you like reading books that includes music or the music industry

Trigger warnings: Homophobia, physical and verbal assault, toxic masculinity, gender-related microaggression, gaslighting

RATING: 4.5stars