Heartfelt and honest

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I l oved this book!! It spoke to my inner boy band fangirl and offered so much representation. The same flawed yet heartfelt and growing character type I’ve come to expect from Adib Khorram, and filled with so much honesty and heart. I loved Hunter’s journey to figure out who he is and what he wants, trying to balance pressure from his fans and his record label while also carving out a life and an identity for himself.

So many kids struggle with trying to be perfect, or to live up to the expectations of others. But Hunter also has to deal with the pressure of being the “token” gay boy band member, to represent an entire generation of queer youth and satisfy the world’s expectations of who he should be, who he should love, and what his image is. I also loved the depictions of the other characters, all dealing with similar pressures but not wanting to burden anyone with it. The resolution to all of that was both satisfying and real. A great read!!