Fantastic LGBT YA Book

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Kiss and Tell by Abid Khorram is a wonderful LGBTQ Young Adult book.

The story has a lot of very important issues that young people are facing.

This thought provoking read that explores issues such as sex positivity and white supremacy.

The author has authentic writing with some humor added in.

The story about boy bands brought me back to my own teenage years.

I absolutely love Hunter who is well written protagonist. He is relatable and his struggle is well written and resolved. His love interest, Karian is a gay American who has Iranian heritage.

The secondary characters were very diverse, but I didn't like them as much as I liked the main characters. The main characters were fleshed out much better and I was invested in them.

The diversity of the story is really well done, and the plot is filled with important themes that makes this a must-read book.