Coming of age at its finest

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I like come of age YA books, and this one is kind of special. The main character is a gay boy that is a member of a boy band. So it kind of touches several subjects - from dealing with the fame to having to come out as gay as a public person, but also just a boy being a boy and having to find his way through life. Not many YA books have a male narrator, so this is interesting as well. The book is constructed intercalating the story with “excerpts” that include (fictitious) news pieces, interviews, and even the lyrics to some of the band’s songs. This helps breaking up what would otherwise be just a plain linear story - it’s like little intermissions that you can take to rest while reading.
As for the actual story - sometimes Hunger, the main character, is kind of boring, but most of the time you want to know how he deals with the stuff that happens in his life. I almost wish Kiss & Tell was an actual band I could listen to.