Stella and Michael, sounds like a good love story

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Stella is a character we don’t see a lot now. Yes, she’s quiet, which is typical. But she’s also smart (really smart), is independent for the most part, still loves her parents, and yet she can’t find love. Michael on the other han is also a character we don’t see a lot. Let’s start with: he’s Asian, described as Vietnamese mixed with Swedish (I think) and compared to Michael Henney. I wasn’t sure who Michael Henney was when I first read the description, but that definitely helped. What I’ve alreasy started to love about Michael is how he appears confident, but he’s mostly putting on a face. And even though he seems to have been thrust in a bad place, he’s still working hard, and trying to make people happy/comfortable. Even after reading just two chapters, I can tell that the story of Stella and Michael is going to be a good one. Maybe even one for the books (ha, get it?).