Reader Insider's Review of Kismat Connection

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This book is seriously the cutest. Being an Indian-American myself it was a unique experience to see these young adults navigating life as Indian-Americans themselves. The book revolves around Madhuri Iyer, as she faces an impending senior year that her astrology-focused mother predicts to be a failure, and a family curse that promises her a predictable romantic future. In an attempt to demonstrate her autonomy, Madhuri creates an unconventional arrangement with her childhood friend, Arjun Mehta, someone she believes she won't develop feelings for. However, Madhuri's experiment takes an unexpected turn as Arjun's emotions enter the equation. As her connection with Arjun deepens, Madhuri must confront the dilemma of pursuing her own path versus potentially hurting both Arjun and herself. It is a feel good book that is super easy to read with fun story line, a funnier set of characters and some really adorable romance!