Had to DNF

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Honestly, I was so excited about this book. I loved the idea of a character fighting her fate/destiny and arguing against her mother's astrology readings. I just wish that it had been better done, as the two main characters felt so juvenile and both characters went from being somewhat likable, to completely changing. It was such a drastic shift in how they were behaving and what they were feeling that it was really hard to believe. Unfortunately, I couldn't get past the insta-love moment that happened at their first date. It felt so disingenuous and was such a stretch that it turned me off reading further. So, sadly I added this book to my DNF pile.
I did like how it was a Desi romance, where both male and female character's perspectives were alternating so that we could see the relationship from both of their POVs. However, that wasn't enough to make me keep reading.