Cute but predictable

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I don’t love this book but it’s a cute read to pass the time. The characters are amazing, the plot is adorable but extremely predictable and it’s a quick and easy read.

My biggest problem is that Madhuri seems to completely change by the end of the book. It’s not that she just grows but that she is no longer the character I loved from the beginning and it’s all because of love. Arjun on the other hand grows, sort of, but there are still a lot of the same issues going on.

The book took place during I think the course of months but it felt like everything was happening at once. There were no real stakes but it’s a romance novel so it’s usually easy to tell how it will go.

I loved the familial relationships and the brief glimpses of friendships we got. For almost three hundred pages it didn’t seem like a lot happened. Everything felt rush. So not a bad book but not a great one either.