Fun summer read

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This is an exciting read about two boys and their last day together. I was quickly sucked into the story and generally liked Linus and Harrison. What I like about books that only take place over a short time is that I get a really in depth view of the characters and this book gave me that. I loved the bromance theme in this book, and how it was all about queer friendship, something I don’t see often compared to all the romances. It didn’t really remind me that much of Ferris Bueller’s day off and I think that description was a bit misleading. I wasn’t expecting the deeper topics in this book but they were a welcome surprise that balanced out the fun aspect of the story. My one qualm would be the writing style, as it seemed a bit rushed and choppy, but I think it just fit the fun quick read more than my preferred writing style so that’s just a personal thought that shouldn’t impact anyone else’s decision to read the book.