A pure and beautiful best friendship...

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Linus has some bad news. He's moving to South Carolina, so his best friend, Harrison, plans the ultimate farewell for him in the tune of Ferris Buller's Day Off. He's got the whole day planned down to a science, a day that will take them to Pride, joyriding in a convertible, and even ending with a ride on the Ferris wheel. But despite Harrison's neatly crafted plan (with the help of his friend Aparna), nothing goes as expected.

This book surprised me. It wasn't chock full of action or suspense at every turn. Nothing unbelievable happened to Harrison and Linus. It's just a story of two best friends rolling with the unexpected punches. It's a real and raw story of two best friends doing everything they can not to say goodbye, and since that's something I just experienced, I felt this in my bones. I loved this book with my whole heart. Harrison and Linus, though different, were two meticulously crafted characters who came to life through Thomas's heartfelt and funny prose. I really enjoyed the interactions between Aparna and Cool Aparna. It's also very rare that a book makes me cry, but the last two chapters had me misty.

I cannot recommend this book enough especially if you have a best friend you love with your whole heart. Definitely read this book!