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I haven't actually watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off, but I know that it's a cultural touchstone that has inspired.... countless other movies, books, short fiction pieces, etc. And the general premise of the plot sounds fun and adaptable to many, many different kinds of stories, and I am GLAD that this one was written. We get to follow these two Black, queer best friends as they spend their last day together before one of them moves. It turns out to be a less than joyous day for the both of them though--there are some pretty traumatic events that occur throughout the day to both boys that were heartbreaking to read. There are heavy themes throughout the book, so if you're looking for some lighter read because of the reference to Ferris Bueller's Day Off, it might not go as well as you'd hoped. The cover, which seems very colorful and joyful, does seem to depict itself as more joyful than the story actually is, so be wary! Ultimately, I really enjoyed reading about their best-friendship (and it does stay strictly a best-friendship and does not change into anything else. I'm a sucker for romance though so I wouldn't have minded it becoming more personally). I ended up putting this book in my husband's classroom :)

Trigger warnings that other reviewers have mentioned about the book: mental health, abandonment, racism, harassment.