Wonderfully immersive

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This story is about a movie star, Lulu Wong, ends up dead, the sisters who set out to solve it!

Interesting premise for sure!
May, Gemma and Peony are 3 interesting girls from Chinatown who have had to work the families flower business to make ends meet for their mama because their dad has tb and is elsewhere. Lulu is a former classmate of one and between dodging arranged marriages, poverty and prejudice these girls are determined to get justice for Lulu as the world overlooks it.

Not convinced to read it yet? The historical details are an 8/10, the immersive culture a 9/10, the suffocating yet supportive family dynamics a 10/10.

This story by Lee is so well written and while at times slow, it’s beautiful in everything that is ugly. She beautifully made us feel the prejudice and fear. The inequality as well as the thrill of trying to break out of the stereotypes! Fully immersive in both setting and story, this was a whodonit with the perfect amount of mystery and spice. And for once you could root for every character and not feel bad! Solid 4!!