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I've never been the type to try to read a book that took place in the 1930s. But this book has changed my mind and I really did enjoy reading the first couple pages. I have never heard of the author but after this book she is in my top 5 favorite author list. She did such an amazing job at writing this book her way of writing is how I aspire to write. Not only did reading the first page get my hooked and obsessed. But the description of the book gave me goosebumps and me asking myself "how will this go out about". "How are they going to go about solving this murder on the own", "will they get hurt", " will they find out the truth". It has me asking all of this and I want to know more. This book is the perfect example of knowing that your going to fall in love with a book, find a new favorite author, and love a book all in the same breath. The author seems so underrated and that's what makes me want read every book she has written.