Started off strong than fizzled for me

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*Thank you to Penguin Teen and BookishFirst for this Arc of Kill Her Twice in exchange for an honest review*

I was really looking forward to Kill Her Twice. I read and loved Stacey Lee’s last YA release Luck Of The Titanic so I had high hopes for Kill Her Twice. I was initially interested because the plot sounded like something I normally enjoy- a mixture of history and glamour. The story did start out very strong the story takes place in 1920’s Los Angeles. The story focuses on two sisters May and Gemma living in downtown Chinatown. The sisters are close as siblings can be their bond unbreakable.

The family business is running a flower shop. They are known and loved within their community until the unthinkable happens. The sisters find themselves in the midst of a high powered murder mystery. A young well known actress Lulu Wong is murdered. May and Gemma are shocked. Their small tight knit community is shaken. Lulu is not just anyone she is a famous actress set to star in her latest film. May and Gemma have a lot on their plate, their father Ba is in a rehab facility due to illness and their mother is expecting.

The sisters are determined to get to the bottom of the murder though. I really enjoyed this aspect of the book a murder mystery involving old Hollywood. As the story progressed though that’s where it started to fall flat for me. The story jumped from a murder mystery to a romance then to May herself taking over and becoming an actress. The story was suddenly all over the place. I also couldn’t stand the nicknames throughout- bug boy and guitar man the were cheesy. Had the story just focused on the murder I would have enjoyed it but it derailed at various points. That I felt was unnecessary I also did not care for the ending. This one started out strong and fizzled out the more I read.