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I really enjoyed what I have read so far. I can see so many layers to the story. There is hardship due to the Great Depression. There is racism faced by the family for not being the right ethnicity. There is also prejudice for being a professional but not of everyone’s first choice.

The book’s protagonist is a woman and by all accounts so far, strong and clear headed. That itself set in the early 1930s can give rise to conflict and differences.

I am intrigued to read not just how the puzzle of the murder is solved and by whom, but also how the girls fare in those times when women did not really have all possibilities in society.

Waiting to see the treatment the girls get as each has a vivid personality- obvious in not time at all. Not just that, the victim has a distinct personality which the author was able to bring out so easily, making the past of the girls equally intriguing.