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The sisters suspect Lulu’s death is the result of foul play, but the police don’t seem motivated to investigate. Even worse, there are signs that point to a cover-up, and powerful forces in the city want to frame the killing as evidence that Chinatown is a den of crime. What better way to make room for something else. However back in the 1930s it seem the world was bustling and I loved that the term hussies was used it was great. I haven't seen that word in a hot minute. If you like books based in an old fashion time period with crime and a murder mystery then this is thr book for you. The sister and friends try to come together to figure it all out if they can. Things are all ways changing however the truth is what really matters. Can the truly figure out what happened and why or will it go unsolved. If you want to know the get the book and get to reading.