Hollywood Murder Mystery

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This book is a captivating murder mystery set in 1932 Los Angeles. Chinese American sisters Gemma and May have a lot to worry about their mother is pregnant and their father is away getting treatment for an illness, then they have to run the family flower selling business, and their home in Chinatown will likely be destroyed to build Union Station. The last thing they needed was to find the body of Hollywood starlet and May’s friend, Lulu Wong. Not trusting the police to investigate especially when the police frame a homeless man from Chinatown, Gemma, May and their little sister Peony try to solve the murder themselves. They start looking into the people in Lulu’s life and who would have a motive to kill her. Another actress, a co-star, a rich man who hates Chinatown, a possible secret boyfriend, Lulu’s agent, extras in the film, and her new film’s director are all suspects. Gemma comes up with schemes to find information, May starts working on the movie Lulu was filming, and Peony talks with Lulu’s little sister. They also get help from Wallace, a young entomologist, and Freddie, a young doctor. As the sisters uncover more secrets, more the dangerous their investigation becomes and they are putting a target on their backs. With so many suspects and red herrings, will the sisters find Lulu’s killer?

This story has a fast pace with lots of twists and big reveals in the sisters’ investigation. The story is told in first person alternating between Gemma and May. Gemma is a big dreamer with lots of ideas and is a bold, risk taker. May, the oldest sister, is more practical, cautious, and careful. The other characters are great and well written. The 1932 Los Angeles setting is well researched and described. The story has a bit of romance between May and Wallace and a flirtation been Gemma and Freddie. The ending wraps up the story, we learn Lulu died and who was her killer and the next step in the sisters’ lives. The cover is beautiful and I really enjoyed this book. Fans of historical mysteries like the Stalking Jack the Ripper series, the Jane Austen Murder Mystery series, and the Burning Cove series would like this book. Another excellent read by Stacey Lee.