Glamorous Hollywood Historical Fiction Mystery

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I always enjoy Stacey Lee books, especially because her writing creates such amazing settings--they are so vivid in the reader's imagination. I think she really successfully created the 1930's Hollywood and Chinatown vibes throughout, I could picture it like it was a movie (appropriate for the subject matter). I also liked the two main characters and their character growth throughout. Gemma and May's viewpoints and voices were unique to their characters. However, one thing that didn't work so well for me was the pacing, which I think was really affected by the dual POV switches. I think if the chapters were chunked a little more by viewpoint I would have enjoyed this more, but as is, it felt like as soon I had gotten invested in the plot events, we switched to a different viewpoint and I had to reorient myself. Despite this, I still really enjoyed this mystery. I'd recommend to readers who like historical fiction and are willing to invest in a slower paced mystery, 7th grade and up!