Cozy mystery

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Kill Her Twice is a murder mystery set in Chinatown -L.A. Lee did a good job of catching the readers' attention quickly in the first few paragraphs. Lee introduced sisters who are just trying to keep their family afloat when they discover the body of a friend-former neighbor and current movie star Lulu.
The two main characters, Gemma and May, are easy to like and contrast each other as real siblings would do. You very much very the traditional birth order stereotypes in this story. Serious May, adventurous Gemma and baby of the family Peony. As the sisters work to solve the mystery, we are given a glimpse of what the world was like for Chinese immigrants in the early 1900's.
Was the plot a little simple and slightly unbelievable, perhaps but Lee made the story go down smoothly. Instead of an edge of your seat thriller, this murder mystery is perfect for a cozy weekend.