Book Noir- a genre that should come back!!

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This book gave me all the vibes of an old school black and white detective movie. Except, this is from the point of view from people who were sorely mistreated in those times- so the story is new and fresh!

I love old Hollywood and a good mystery. I did not guess who had done it, but how it was committed is brilliant.

I definitely thought Gemma and May were two characters that most readers could relate to. I loved Gemma’s go getter attitude and smarts, which was very well balanced with the practical (but not so innocent) May.

I devoured this book simply because of the subject matter and I wasn’t dissatisfied. I genuinely didn’t want to put it down (even when I had to).

If I had any critique, it would be the big reveal at the end seemed a bit rushed and none of the files truly pointed to the person who did it. It wasn’t a bad choice, but I definitely didn’t see it coming.