Another great one from Stacey Lee

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Kill Her Twice follows Gemma and May, sisters, in dual POV, and their younger sister Poppy as the three of them work together to try and solve a murder. May and Gemma find Lulu Wong, a local actress who recently exploded in fame, dead in a horse stable near their neighborhood. This is already weird, because it's like, a murder, but also, Lulu doesn't live in their neighborhood anymore. It's the 1930s, and the Chinese neighborhood is facing a lot of racism from outsiders and politicians, and the girls quickly realize the police are going to ignore Lulu's murder at best, and frame the wrong person to cast the Chinese people in a bad light at worst...

The actual mystery is interesting to read. The girls come across a lot of loose ends they follow back to assorted success, and some of THOSE ends are connected as well, and lead back even further... naturally, they end up uncovering something bigger than Lulu's death.

Gemma and May both have their own love/crush story, and I liked the way they both ended. I honestly just liked them both as characters a lot. May is the oldest, and she's more nervous about more things than Gemma, as older sisters are. She was also closer to Lulu, like they actually spent time together outside of school before Lulu got famous. Gemma is very animated in everything she does, and she doesn't have as much of the self-preservation gene that May has.

This was a slower story, as in the mystery wasn't exactly thrilling, but that's because there wasn't really much danger pressing. Like, there was a countdown after a while in which they had to find out the truth before it ended, but I think the pace fit the tone which fit the genre very well. I found everything about the story fleshed out and I think it was just another banger by Stacey Lee who can so far do no wrong.