Another Amazing Stacey Lee Novel!

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I LOVED Stacey Lee's novel, "Luck of the Titanic", so I was excited to see another novel by this talented author. The plot follows the lives of Gemma and May Chow. They are two sisters trying to support themselves, their sister and their mother while their father is recovering from an illness. The family flower business is barely staying afloat. One of the highlights of their lives, is the success of a childhood friend, Lulu, who has found fame and fortune as an actress in Hollywood. The sisters happen to come across their friend's body in an old barn that they use to prep their flowers for sale. They do not feel that the local authorities will take the murder seriously, as the Chinese people are not respected. Who murdered Lulu? Are the powers that be who want a new union station in Chinatown to blame? I'm looking forward to reading this novel in its entirety to find out!