Well written and a beautiful story

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This book has all the makings of a YA contemporary classic. Young girl leaves her stomping ground of NYC to intern with a rather interesting author out in Portland. This is a mix of a duck out of water and self-discovery novel that lots of young readers will identify with.

More than that however, the book is crafted with such passion and the wordplay is so wonderfully done that it really feels like the author really took their time to make you FEEL like Juliet is talking directly to you. Seriously well done and a passion project for the author in the best way possible.

On a more hilarious note, as someone who spent the summers of her youth living in NYC (Queens so different but similar) and now lives in Portland I can tell you that the culture shock is exactly as described in the book. So many white hippies out here in the PNW...However I am still waiting for my crown made of Oregon grapes to be put upon my head by a troop of naked, frolicking women.