This book is INCREDIBLE.

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Juliet Takes A Breath is unlike most books I've read. It's the story of Juliet, a young college student from the Bronx who is trying to discover her identify, understand her sexuality, and relate to feminism in her own way. The story starts at the beginning of her summer, when she is leaving for an internship in Portland, Oregon with the author of a life-changing feminist manifesto that Juliet has discovered and related hard to.

I found the writing just breathtaking. Gabby Rivera's writing style is direct, and she takes us right into Juliet's mind - we can see the questions she asks, the thoughts that flit across her mind in moments of focus and distraction, and the way she feels and absorbs the world around her. I found the story and the main character just breathtaking. I found myself rooting for Juliet, questioning the choices of the characters while at the same time empathizing with them. I think this book does an incredible job of bringing the reader along on Juliet's journey to discover her sexuality and identity while having some wonderfully sweet and light moments as well. I loved this one!