Summary already has me interested

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“And in that moment, I finally knew
what it was to just breathe.”
Before I even read the sample
see this and I’m already adding it
to my to-be-read on Goodreads.
The summary alone had me in it’s
bookish hook. A black girl about
coming out and navigating the
choppy water of life, yes. I may
have to be careful that I don’t fall
for the main character (that goes
for all readers lol). The cover it’s
self also peaked my interests.
Very creative to write the title in the
shaven head of the character.
This type of character cover I am
fine with because it shows a part
of the character, but not too much
where the reader can’t picture their
own interpretation of the character.
I also love that the chapters begin
with a quote from someone/
something. I also like that the first
page is an email because it gives
the reader context while also
showing characteristics.