Really good!

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I have to admit, I was pretty scared going into this book. Even though this is written by an ownvoice author, I was afraid one issue would not be discussed and I would be upset. Thankfully, the topic was addressed perfectly.

I loved Juliet Takes a Breath, not only because it deal with a current issue in the LGBT+ community and feminsim, but it also comments on racism. Though I feel like people are trying, I feel like racism kind of takes the back seat. As long as people are feminist and LGBT+ friendly, it seems to be okay that racism isn't fully understood, and as a WOC, this hurts me. Because of this, I am so very glad that Juliet Takes a Breath points out that even though something is meant with good intentions, it could still hurt a minority group and that group shouldn't be looked over. I really hope others pick this one up!