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Gosh this book was incredible!

Juliet Milagros Palante is a self-proclaimed baby dyke from the Bronx. After reading Raging Flower: Empowering your pussy by empowering your mind, she knows she must meet the feminist genius behind the informative text. With her heart in her hand, Juliet heads out to Portland after coming out to her family.

I loved Juliet's character. She's still coming into her own and she's learning so much about herself and the world throughout this novel. She's pretty naive in the beginning, but she learns all about queer culture through Harlowe, Harlowe's friends and her cousin Ava. Which, Ava is my favorite character of this whole book. I need a book about Ava.

A big theme of this book is how white feminism fails people of color. There were so many passages where Harlowe would say something, and it was just so cringe inducing. Harlowe needs to take a hot second and remove herself from the narrative. There were several really good conversations about microaggressions, and whiteness centering itself. Harlowe is definitely doing some good, but I think she still has a long way to go to becoming an accomplice.

One thing that did bother me a bit was that every time Juliet saw two women together she would always assume they're lesbians. Which they could've been, but they also could've been bi, ace, pan etc. Other than that, I really enjoyed and would recommend this one!