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Juliet Takes a Breath follows Juliet, a Puerto Rician plus sized lesbian, going to Portland for an internship with a woman named Harlowe. Who write a bestselling book about feminism and queerness. Right before leaving, Juliet also came out to her family and she is very unsure of how they took it…

There are many very important discussions in this book, about being queer, a person of color and a woman. It goes deep into so many different themes and issues, and I felt the discussions and the talks were very well done. I think Juliet was a wonderful character to follow, to see her learn about a different world and all the new terms in the lgbt+ community. There were some beautiful moments were Juliet is thinking and discovering, and I felt with her and alive through her. The plot is a bit of a standstill, but I feel like this is very common in contemporaries where while a lot doesn’t necessarily happen and have a very exciting plot, it is more a character driven story about their journey. I’m glad this is getting republished and I’m hoping it falls into hands of many new readers. 4/5 stars.