Fabulous book!

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This is a fabulous book, and I'm so glad it got a re-issue and re-release when Gabby Rivera rose to prominence with her comic writing (there's also an equally excellent--and beautiful--graphic novel adaptation that just came out as well). Protagonist Juliet is so fun, snarky, and engaging, and I appreciated the way this novel focused on her background and identity and the way she (unfortunately) had to stand her ground in her new job to not be tokenized or have her own culture and experiences appropriated by others. The way this novel unflinchingly talks about the way mentors can be disappointing--by focusing on the racism of white feminism and faux-allyship--was something I hadn't seen in a YA book before, so this seems so helpful and necessary to have out in the world. I also adored the ending, which was so positive, hopeful, and philosophically deep as well.