Different in a good way

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I really liked this book. I like the way that the main character, Juliet, is so real and describes her feelings in a way that you can really relate to. There are not many books that really describe the process of coming out and finding yourself and is truthful. The way that Juliet talks about labels - what she should label herself- and how many different labels there are out there is refreshing. I get her feelings of wanting to just be able to be who you are without labeling it or having to know exactly what to tell people. The only real critique I have about the book is that I wish that the other characters were developed more. I feel like the reader really gets to know Juliet, but not the other characters. For example, I would like to know more about her family such as her cousin and her aunts. Maybe her mother as well. It's hard to understand where is is coming from as best as you can without the background. Overall though, it was a good read.