Didn't finish it.

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I wanted to read more sapphic books, and this one looked interesting, however I just did not care enough about it to read past 100 pages. It's about Juliet, a Puerto Rican lesbian from New York who's out of college for the summer and came home before she's going to Oregon to do an internship with a feminist writer who's in the process of writing her next book. Before she leaves, she comes out to her family and her parents don't take it well.

Honestly, this just felt like every closeted queer book I've ever read, and I'm tired of reading books that are just about a young queer kid in the closet coming out to their parents. The tone of the book was also just slightly off to me, and I wasn't a huge fan of how Juliet narrated. I wouldn't not recommend it, however at this point in my queer reading experience I want more interesting plots and stories and I was just bored.