Coming of Age in Portland

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Juliet, Juliet! What a great character. Juliet was relatable, adorable, and engaging. While not all readers have had all of Juliet's experiences, all readers can relate to her struggles to figure out who she is, where she's going, and how she might want to get there.

I loved Juliet's boldness in flying all the way across the country for an internship with a woman she had never met, and even living in her house! And it was great for her to see another part of the world (but I think at heart Juliet is an East Coaster - her skepticism of things like astrology and acupuncture reminded me of myself). I also loved her close relationships with her family, including her aunt and cousin, and her mother, even though they both had some growing pains to go through.

This book was a great read, and a bit more challenging than a typical YA novel. I'd love to see a sequel with what's up next for our girl!