Beautiful story about growing up, losing your heroes, and finding yourself

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“Those assumptions live inside of people and they do their best to dodge them and intellectualize around them, but they’re still there.”

CW Warnings: sexual assault, homophobia, racist comments, and tokenism

I absolutely adored this book. Juliet is a college freshman who lands the internship of a lifetime with her longtime idol and famous author, Harlowe Brisbane. It’s her first time ever outside of the Bronx, and right before she leaves she comes out to her family. Her family gives mixed reactions, so Juliet leaves with the resolve to find herself during her internship.

Juliet learns a lot of hard lessons during her time with Harlowe, including that sometimes the ideology that frees you (feminism) can be the same ideology that limits you (white feminism). She learns about the different facets of the queer community from her super cool cousin Ava, and researches a ton of badass women for Harlowe.

I loved going on Juliet’s journey with her. It’s a great read for anyone, but it also serves as a great example of how “woke” people can do more harm than good because they can’t get over their internalized racism. I took this picture in the queer section of my library because Juliet does a lot of her learning in a library. I love her, and this book. It’s a must read!