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Beautiful and Raw!

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3.5 stars. A story about a young Puerto Rican lesbian from The Bronx, who goes to intern with her favorite author somewhere that is definitely not The Bronx, while trying to figure out where the hell she fits in all of this mess we call life.

This book gets very raw and some parts can make you uncomfortable. It didn't for me but I can totally see why someone else would. Here's another thing....the book basically has no plot LoL. Normally that would have annoyed and/or bored me but I was just so into seeing Juliet find herself.'s just 300 pages so there's that.

This book is about a lesbian woman of color. BUT that doesn't mean everyone can't walk away with something from this book. No you're not going to like every character (Like Harlowe...ugh..), but I feel like most of us know someone like most everyone in this book. It may not end up being your favorite book ever, but i still feel it's a must read.