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4.5 Stars

Content Warnings at end of Review

I absolutely loved this book!
Juliet goes from New York to Portland for a summer internship with a feminist writer whose book she fell in love with. Newly out as a lesbian and ready to learn and be embraced, she finds out so many things about herself and others. This book also has a particular focus on the toxicity of white feminism and the intersection of BIPOC/Queer/Feminist identities.

This book was so funny, sweet, and reflective. It's set in the early 2000's, so the same level of convenience for education on queer identities was not readily available as it is today. A lot of the plot was about how Juliet put in the time and effort to learn about herself and others without this convenience. There was a great cast of supporting characters, and even though some were infuriating at times, I truly loved them all (as characters, not necessarily as people).

This book was wonderful and I definitely recommend it be added to your TBR!

Content Warnings
Graphic: Blood and Panic attacks/disorders
Moderate: Homophobia, Racism, and Sexual content