Absolutely Stunning

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I've read a lot of great books this year but this? This might just be my very favorite. I love so so many things about Juliet Takes a Breath and I'm reeling at how underrated this story is.

It's such a great coming of age story about a 19 year old in 2003 becoming acquainted with radical feminist theory and coming to terms with the ways she's been silenced or lied to. Juliet goes through so much learning and growth, which is already awesome, but what makes it such a fun story is her voice.

Juliet is hilarious, maybe a bit confused and brash sometimes, but she's fierce and curious and isn't afraid to chase after what she wants--whether that's an internship with a white-feminist author, or a fling with a hot motorcycle-riding librarian. She's such a wonderful main character to read about and I absolutely adored following her and her journey.

I'd highly recommend Juliet Takes a Breath to so many people. If you read contemporary YA, you need to read this.